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Pereg Aronia (Chokeberry)

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Aronia – Chokeberry

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The wine made of Aronia (Chokeberry) is produced by the Pereg winery from the 100% fermented juice of this fruit, whose composition and sugar-free extract of 73.7 mg/l, far exceeds all grape wines by its content of physiologically valuable substances.

The plants grow in a biologically clean environment as a crop in the foothills. It does not need to be chemically treated because it is naturally resistant to diseases and pests. Contains bioflavonoids including vitamins P, PP, B2, B9, carotenes, pectin substances, tannins. It has a high content of iron, microelements such as boron, fluorine, manganese, copper, cobalt, molybdenum. It contains up to 400 mg of iodine per 100 g of fruit. It is an element that plays an important role in thyroid function and hormonal balance, alleviates the side effects of anticancer drugs and soothes conditions after radiotherapy. In women, it alleviates the problems associated with menopause.

A wine, that regulates blood pressure and stabilizes sugar levels. The most important ingredient is vitamin P, called rutin. Rutin directly affects the strength and flexibility of blood vessels, eliminates varicose veins, serves to improve blood counts, helps lower cholesterol levels and has a preventive effect in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Scientific studies have shown that the fruits of chokeberry and its products have a positive effect on the immune system, balance the processes of arousal and sedation, and reduce emotional imbalances. They increase the excretion of unwanted salts from the body, which helps in the treatment of rheumatism or detoxification of the body. It is known that Aronia is a miracle of nature, it is a vitamin bomb and therefore the fruit of Aronia is a frequent basis for the production of medicines. It is the most valuable fruit that is grown in our geographical conditions.


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