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Château Ruban

The winery Château Ruban is part of the so-called golden vineyard bench, which lies within the wine region of Strekov. The unique microclimate, composed of the closely flowing river the Danube, forests, lakes with the amount of sunniest days in Slovakia, is giving their wines a remarkable character. The winery is situated on the edge of the village Ruban, consisting of a traditional château and a modern winery house.

Château Ruban produces all wines out of the regional grapes, combining popular grape sorts by traditional and modern methods with an ambition to present non-traditional crossbreeds, what are the Slovak new varieties “Svoj sen”, “Noria”, “Milia”, belonging to the most beloved wines of the winery.

Slovak Wines Import offers you all wines of the Château Ruban and will gladly share the experience with wines, which are made with love to savour the moments with a glass of wine from the winery



Wines from the winery Château Ruban