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About Us

We are young wine – enthusiasts located in beautiful cities Zürich and Luzerne. Our goal is to introduce a wide variety of interesting Slovak wines to Switzerland.

Slovakia is a small country in Eastern Europe which consists of the 6 wine terroirs covering approx. 11 000 ha. Each one of them has its own speciality. Whether it is a traditional red wine from Modra region called “Frankovka modra”, which also Austrian monarchs used to love, or deep sweet wines with unforgettable taste from Tokaj, Slovak wineries produce wine for every taste.

In our shop, you can find the best wines from all terroirs. Our portfolio covers traditional large producers with established names in international competitions like Mrva & Stanko or Karpatska Perla as well as unique petite wineries with a biodynamic approach like Kasnyik or Domin & Kusicky.

Thanks to our short procurement routes we can deliver effectively and in a very short time.

Our team:

Rastislav Dadej, Professional in the hospitality industry and warehouse manager

Ivan Jurik, Managing Director, wine enthusiast

Samuel Michalek, Partner and Sommeliere

Christian Kiefer, Partner, Federal Hotelier & Tourism Specialist