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Domin & Kusicky

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A traditional family-owned winery Domin & Kusicky is devoted to the biological vine growing and wine producing of the wine in the district of Velky Krtis located in the Central Slovakian wine region. Long mature period, no additives and a minimum sulfur are typical signs for their high-quality wines. Each bottle of wine is labelled as “bio” and a proof, that the chosen alternative way of producing wine was the best decision taken. Every wine lover will appreciate the uniqueness of the red, white or rosé wine produced by Domin & Kusicky.

The vineyards are extended on the area of 40 ha in the southern part of the middle Slovakian region and have a bio certification to allow a production of bio wine out of the grown grapes. The regulated harvest aims to achieve the highest grape quality. All wines produced by the winery Domin & Kusicky are refreshing with a long-lasting mature potential.

Wines from the Domin & Kusicky winery