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GolguzThe “Pannonia” is one of the most renowned and remarkable terroirs in the lesser Carpathian region of Slovakia, with a long and proud history of winemaking. As already mentioned in our introduction, it began when the Romans professionalized the winemaking in that region and it had a peak in the early 1930´s. The Jewish businessman Ferdinand Fussmann from Maribor came to the region and started to cultivate many vines until he became the largest wine producer in Slovakia and his wines were well-known throughout Europe. Unfortunately, his dream ended up during the 2nd world war and the terroir was waiting to be discovered once again – In 1995 by Food Farm Ltd. under the brand of Golguz. The Golguz winery is based in the small Slovakian town called Hlohovec. Geographically it belongs to the area of the Small Carpathian-mountains along the river Vah. The owners of Golguz winery knew that the region is perfect for winemaking, especially for Pinots. The microclimate is dominated by small folded mountain chains enriched with calcium soil. The river, the constant wind breezes, and the intense sun allow them to produce an exquisite quality of selected wines. The vineyards expand on an area of 230 ha with conditions very similar to the world-known area of Burgundy in France. Golguz has been appreciated by the Slovak association of vinegrowers and winemakers by winning the award „Slovak winery of the year“ in 2015 and 2017. Their excellent wines are constantly winning medals around the world every year. Golguz wines are one of the most favourites in Slovakia, and Slovak Wines Import is representing the unique collection of wines from Golguz in our webshop.

Wines from Golguz