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JM Dolany

The family-owned winery JM Dolany exemplifies a successful harmonious relationship of the 3 generation of winemakers, who evolve the vine-growing and the production of wine on the longtime experience with innovative ideas of a modern winemaking.

The company established in the year 1986 owns 115 ha of vineyards and 2 ha of sour cherries on the south-western slopes of the Little Carpathian wine region between towns Dolany and Dolne Oresany. Wine is produced out of the own grown grapes only that is well proofed in the quality of the wine. 20 grape sorts grow in the vineyards, in between are not only the well-known sorts but also the unique, less spread. The yearly production may reach 450 000 – 550 000 litres of wine.

Fuggerov dom (Fugger´s house)

An unique medieval property in the city called Casta, that was build by the Anton Fugger right after he bought the castle Cerveny Kamen with the land and all its belongings. The Fugger´s house is one of the most beautiful medieval wine cellars in Slovakia.

JM Dolany organizes wine degustations with goose or duck feasts in the premises of the cellar during the autumn and winter time.


Wines from the JM Dolany winery