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Chowaniec & Krajcirovic

The Chowaniec and Krajcirovic winery was established in the year 1991 with a seat in the picturesque town Sväty Jur in the Small Carpathian wine region close to the capital city Bratislava. The long and rich history of viticulture in the region with its unique vineyards and terroirs is a perfect place for a production of exclusive wines.

The winemakers are growing not only the well-known grapes like Riesling, Chardonnay, Veltliner, Pinot Gris or Blaufränkisch but also very popular domestic sorts like Palava, Alibernet of St. Laurant.

The latest wine product of the winery is a frizzante called Rivaner made out of the grape Müller Thurgau.

Wines from the Chowaniec & Krajcirovic winery